Preparing For Your Shoot

Preparing For Your Shoot

Some helpful tips and suggestions to prepare for your photoshoot. Especially what to wear! We suggest something "nice" you are comfortable in.

Here's what that means...

What to wear

Something "nice" you are comfortable in

The ultimate dilemma! Don't you hate being told that?! Well, here's what it means for your photoshoot.

First of all, comfortable is not your trakkie daks and an old T-shirt! It could be a stylish pair of trousers or a skirt, with an elasticised waist. A top that doesn't always sneak out of your waistband the minute you tuck in. Maybe one that sits nicely along whatever you are wearing below it. Do you have something "comfortable" with a stylish detail? Different fabric on sleeves? Pockets, or buttons, for example? Guys in shirts they can move in is always a good idea, too. If it's milder weather, add layers. As for shoes if you're a pro at walking in heels, go for it. They can really make an outfit. Ladies might also like to wear strappy sandals, or, in colder weather a stylish pair of boots or enclosed, leather shoes. If you've got more of an urban "hipster" vibe going on by all means pair it with canvas trainers or loafers. At the beach = no shoes!

Ultimately, be as fabulous as you can be, just make sure you can move around fairly easily in whatever you are wearing, and that it won't distract you. It'll make for stunning photographs.

Colours and patterns

Colours and patterns can add some real zest

Contrary to popular belief these can definitely make a photo 'pop', depending on the setting. If your photoshoot is on a beach, a natural, monotone location of some sort, or a part of town where the architecture is a similar palette, colours and patterns can add some real zest. If you are being photographed in a busy city-scape of competing shades and shapes, simpler combinations are best.


While we don't necessarily recommend going for the whole white T-shirts and jeans thing for everybody in the photoshoot, it does pay to consider how your outfits will complement each other.

For couples, make sure what each of you is wearing is on the same page. If one of you will be wearing the absolute best, a casual outfit for the other is not such a good choice. Dress in similar, but not the same, tones. You can also match colour accents from one's outfit as a detail in another. Is the colour in one outfit in an accessory the other can wear? For example if one of you is wearing a blue-checked shirt, does the other have blue shoes or a scarf with blue in it?

Make up and accessories

Natural make-up is the way to go

Not everyone is into makeup and accessories so if you're not ignore this! That's who you are and we want the real you to come out in the photographs.

If you like the idea of a bit of makeup to look great in your photos, read on.


Go for colours as closely matched to your skin-tone as possible. Remember, this a natural, candid photo shoot. Apply each product lightly and evenly. Your photographer may use a flash which can bounce off of makeup, so it's important that if you do use foundation and/or concealer, it is well-blended.


Filling in your eyebrows a little with an eyebrow brush or pen can give really nice structure to your face. Eyes and the twinkle in them will be a focal point of your photos!

Try to shade eyeshadow darker in the centre of your eyelid with a neutral tone, using a lighter colour below it, and even lighter above it to highlight the line below your eyebrow.

Eyeliner is definitely a great, finishing touch. Go easy on it - just enough to, literally, frame your eyes.


Highlighter, bronzer, blush? If you use any of these products the same rules as above apply: use natural-looking colours and blend, blend, blend. Used well, contours can add some great depth and colour to your face.


Last but not least: lips! As a general rules, stick with the natural theme and go for nude colours. Make sure you follow the natural shape of your lips. In photos, it's important to have a well-executed lip that's balanced, saturated, and symmetrical. That being said, this is also a chance to make your mark. If you love red lips or have a signature colour lipstick go for it!

Scarves, hats, brooches... and props!

Scarves can add really nice detail to an outfit

Scarves can add really nice detail to an outfit. They're also an opportunity to match colour to others if you're travelling with two or more. Hats are cool, too. Just be really careful if it's sunny that they don't put your face in too much shadow. Your photographer will also watch out for this.

As for props if there's something that screams 'you' bring it! It may be a child's favourite toy, or something you collect or are passionate about. Are you a baker? Pop a wooden spoon in your luggage. Photographer yourself? Camera is an obvious choice. Having a prop can make for some fun, candid shots. You do need to be comfortable placing it off to the side at some points, though.

Things (not) to bring

What to do with your bag, backpack, phone, hotel keys, handbag, sunglasses, shopping bags, kitchen sink etc. for your photoshoot? Don't bring them!

Well, okay, maybe your phone and keys but please consider them in choosing your outfit. Can you put them in a pocket? There's nothing worse than worrying about where all your stuff is while you should be having a fun experience. If you have them visibly on your, they'll also clutter your photos.

That being said, we appreciate it might be a a bit of a tall order. So, another option is to bring a small bag that doesn't contain valuables you don't mind sitting off to the side when you are being photographed. You could pack a snack in it, or better still, some water. Water is especially important, even if the weather is mild, as your photographer may have you moving about a bit and you'll want a sip or two in between.

Arrive in good time

Grab a drink, or have a wander around to soak in the atmosphere so you're relaxed and ready to go

There's nothing worse than arriving late, all hot and bothered. Your photoshoot should be a candid, fun capture of your trip's story. We want you to be stress-free. Not only will you feel good, it will shine through in your photos.

Give yourself plenty of time to find your meeting spot. However long you calculate it will take, double it! You'll allow for any unexpected hiccups along the way and if anything, you'll arrive early. Grab a drink, or have a wander around to soak in the atmosphere so you're relaxed and ready to go.

Please also bear in mind that your photographer may have another shoot booked immediately after yours, so if you are late some of your time may be forfeited.


Have fun!

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