Our Photographers’ Hidden Talents Make Them Even More Creative!

Our Photographers’ Hidden Talents Make Them Even More Creative!

Being a holiday photographer doesn’t always mean hanging out in amazing places with happy go-lucky experience-makers on the trip of a lifetime. Our photographers are travellers too, and, have a raft of creative talent between them.
Wanderloud - Your Holiday Photographer in Paris

Captured by Wanderloud's Pierre in Paris

Here at Wanderloud we’re friends with our photographers. When we asked them “Hey, what have you been up to lately?” – we got a bevy of responses.


In this connected world, Gerry in Kuala Lumpur has been collaborating with a friend in Rome, writing an album and making some experimental music videos to go with the songs.


“I've been in KL a year now and I'm having a great time exploring my new home. Apart from shooting commercial work, both stills and video, I have been working on some personal projects. As well as photography and film, I have always had a passion for writing songs and making music,” Gerry says.

“I started collaborating with my friend Chris a few months ago. Chris was based in Ho Chi Minh City then, he now lives in Rome. It’s brilliant that new digital technology and file sharing means that the world has gotten smaller and people can share ideas and work together.”

We’re looking forward to the debut album!


One of our more recent photographers, Bram in Amsterdam is the cousin of a second-cousin (when we say we know all our photographers through seven degrees of separation, we mean it!).

He’s been “doing loads of stuff and have been planning some exciting new projects, which will also include video”.

Bram also spent a few hours shooting a portraiture for a newspaper of one of the most colourful people in Amsterdam.

Holiday Photographer in Amsterdam by Wanderloud

Captured by Wanderloud's Bram in Amsterdam

Reinier Sijpkens shows up on the canals near a bridge in his tiny boat the ’Nutshell' and gives a lovely serenade to surprised passers-by.

Holiday Photographer in Amsterdam by Wanderloud

Captured by Wanderloud's Bram in Amsterdam


Our master of light, Paul on the South Coast, NSW has been roaming the Gerringong Boat Harbour.

Holiday Photographer at Gerringong Boat Harbour, NSW, Australia by Wanderloud

Captured by Wanderloud's Paul on the South Coast, NSW

“I have been doing a lot of very long exposures (10 - 30 minutes) in daylight hours recently and set this scene up one afternoon. There were storm clouds to the east but the western sky was clear so the low light crossing the scene was beautiful.

“As I fine-tuned the composition and calculated the exposure needed for the 16 stops of ND filter, two pelicans settled on the shoreline. They looked great, hunkered down against the brisk onshore wind but I didn’t factor them into being in the resulting picture. I thought they would fly away at some stage during the 26-minute exposure.

“As you can see, they didn’t and although it may not be obvious at smaller sizes they are almost pin sharp. About the only movement is the wind ruffling their feathers. You might also notice the ghost images of two rocks in the bottom RH corner that were moved by the surging waves during the exposure. As the 26 minutes counted on my phone I went from expecting the pelicans to fly away to willing them to stay!

“While I won’t make Wanderloud clients stand still for 26 minutes this is one of the many amazing locations I can share with them!” says Paul.


The elegant Irina in Rome has been paddling and swimming in the Pacific Ocean on a well-deserved holiday.

Holiday Photographer in Rome by Wanderloud


“But now I am back at work. A cool work though!" she says.


In a real display of his diversity as a photographer, Jim in Tokyo has been shooting an elementary school's and nursery's sports day preparations.

Captured by Wanderloud's Jim in Tokyo

Captured by Wanderloud's Jim in Tokyo

“Insanely cute kids!” he tells us.

What beautiful images will our photographers create for you?


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