Get Mum In The Picture

Get Mum In The Picture

A photo shoot is the perfect experience-gift that creates lasting memories.

“It's so special to have these photos of our solo trip together and I know years from now we will look back on them to remember the trip. So often we struggle to get photos with the whole family and I absolutely love this concept of having photos taken on holiday.”

Dawn Nicholson and son, Gavin, captured by Kaye in Singapore

Wanderloud - Holiday Photo Shoot | Best Gift Ideas For Mothers

“Our photographer Andrew was brilliant and such a great guy. He really brought the photos to life. The shoot was the highlight of our trip. It’s such a perfect way to capture such a special family holiday with the children’s grandmother.”

Natalie Werner and family, captured by Andrew in Paris

Wanderloud - Holiday Photo Shoot | Best Gift Ideas For Mothers

“I have a magnet from most places we have visited around the world and while each of these little keepsakes have stories attached to them they aren’t quite the complete memory I’d like to have.

"On our recent trip to Singapore and Malaysia we discovered a different type of memento with a photo shoot in Kuala Lumpur. I jumped at the idea because the memories that this souvenir gives will be treasured for life! And the best part? We’re all in the frame.”

Jenna Van Bentum and family, captured by Ben in Kuala Lumpur

Wanderloud - Holiday Photo Shoot | Best Gift Ideas For Mothers

“I travelled from London and my brother and his family from Sydney to meet up in Queenstown for mum’s birthday. When we told her about the photo shoot she was SO excited.  Our photographer Kate was really sweet and we LOVE the photos.”

Zoe Brauer and family, captured by Kate in Queenstown

Wanderloud - Holiday Photo Shoot | Best Gift Ideas For Mothers

“I love how photos jog my memory of our travels but recently I’ve noticed there’s something missing. Mostly, me! As much as I enjoy being behind the camera, as the kids get older, I want them to remember I was there with them having fun.”

Julie Jones and daughter,  Amelia, captured by Melinda in New York City

Wanderloud - Book Your Holiday Photographer in New York City

Friendly, professional and local

“It’s like hanging out with a friend who happens to take incredible photos.”

Wanderloud is based on a friendly foundation of helping you capture your memories that you'll want to keep and enjoy forever. Our professional standards make sure to present you with high-quality images in a timely manner. And the local knowledge of our photographers is priceless!

Let us catch your unforgettable memories on camera so you can focus on enjoying each other!

Imagine returning home with a heart full of precious moments that you get to remember together forever. It wouldn't be the same if someone were missing.

5 Reasons Mums Loved Their Holiday Photo Shoot

1) Family, friends, loved ones – everybody is in the photo. These are not selfies, a holiday photo shoot gives you beautiful photos with no one missing.

2) Images that also capture the feeling of your destination, candid moments and more. You can forget about having to look through odd-angled pictures with people cropped out, red or closed eyes, or the Eiffel Tower a blur in the background.

3) You'll have your complete gallery within a few days! You won't have to wait for your professionally taken and edited images.

4) It’s an experience in itself. Wanderloud has photographers in 60+ destinations who help you feel like a local and comfortable during your photo shoot!

5) You are supporting a business owned and run by a mum!

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