Mother-Daughter Photos In New York City

Mother-Daughter Photos In New York City

“I love how photos jog my memory of our travels but recently I’ve noticed there’s something missing. Mostly, me! As much as I enjoy being behind the camera, as the kids get older, I want them to remember I was there with them having fun.”
Wanderloud - Book Your Holiday Photographer in New York City
We loved shooting Julie and her daughter, Amelia on their mother-daughter trip to New York City.

Words edited from Have Wheelchair Will Travel by Julie Jones

Our trip to New York was a big deal. Not only because of the destination, but because of all that had been put in place to enable us to go.

About a year before I’d read about another travel family who had used a destination photographer to get family photos in New York and decided to look into it. As I explored more, I saw beautiful moments captured of couples and families on holiday. They were real photos of real people. Some were posed but there were many candid, relaxed shots too. That was exactly what I was after.

Wanderloud - Book Your Holiday Photographer in New York City
Wanderloud - Book Your Holiday Photographer in New York City
Wanderloud - Book Your Holiday Photographer in New York City

Beautiful memories to capture our time in New York

We had an agreed meeting point with Melinda, our photographer, and immediately felt at ease with her relaxed, calm personality. We walked towards the waterfront and chatted along the way. When something took Melinda’s eye we started taking photos.

The times I’ve tried to get photos with me in them, I’ve usually relied on strangers. My tactic, if I want one with my own camera, is to approach the person with the fanciest looking gear and hope that their eye for photography matches the size of their lens. Sadly that’s not usually the case. We’ve had heads chopped off, garbage bins included in the shot and photos with our eyes shut. I get it, people aren’t really as invested in a photo of complete strangers so they take it and run. That’s why it was so lovely to know Melinda really wanted to deliver quality photos which captured our time in New York.

Wanderloud - Book Your Holiday Photographer in New York City

Our photo shoot was only a couple of hours but what we have is a representation of our time in the city. I look at the photos and they remind me of the companionship, laughter and time spent together on a dream trip.

Wanderloud - Book Your Holiday Photographer in New York City

Like exploring with a friend who takes great photos

Wanderloud say about their photo shoots, “It’s like hanging out with a friend who happens to take incredible photos.” I’m pleasantly surprised to be able to say it actually is! I really enjoyed strolling around the streets of Brooklyn with Melinda. We built up a natural rapport quickly and nothing felt ‘cookie-cutter’ about her approach. It really did feel like we were with a friend discovering the streets together and happening upon good spots that she thought were worthy of a photo. This was what I loved the most about the morning.

The photographer's local knowledge is priceless

Melinda’s knowledge about the best time of day to shoot was priceless. Amelia and I returned to several of the locations later in the day and the crowds had arrived and it would have made it difficult to get the same type of photo. The light was also much better at the time Melinda suggested.  Our shoot was timed perfectly.

It may seem extravagant to have a photographer on a holiday but if you think about it, we have special moments captured at weddings, school and on other special occasions. Some holidays deserve the same treatment and most people are more relaxed on holiday than any other time so the results are even better.

We had a sneak peek of our shoot emailed to us within a day and the complete set within a few days. We were then free to download the photos and do whatever we like with them.

By using Wanderloud to book your photographer you’ll be supporting an Australian-run business. Ben and Benieke, the owners, are delightful. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience as much as we did.

We were hosted for a portion of our photo shoot. We chose to upgrade to have a longer shoot and more images as I just knew from the outset this would be an extra special experience.

Our review is reflective of an amazing morning and the beautiful photos we received. This is something we’d love to do as a family in the future.

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