The entrepreneur moment

The entrepreneur moment

Pursue a stable income and be a “corporate warrior” complete with pantsuits and a briefcase, or, make the giant leap of faith as an entrepreneur and, do our own thing?

There was a lot happening in our lives. As they say, times they were a-changing.

Benieke was presented with a metaphoric fork in the road: either pursue a 9-5 job with a stable income and become a “corporate warrior” complete with pantsuits and a briefcase, or, make the giant leap of faith and, together with Ben, do their own thing and pursue the dream that had been budding in their hearts and minds for years.

Stability or passion? Predictable or risky? Comfort-zone or danger-zone?

One Sunday morning after a celebratory evening and overnight stay with friends two hours from home, we were driving back up the highway. Kids in the back creating a ruckus, pensive/philosophical/thinking parents in the front. As the chaos in the backseat raged, we pondered life and the direction we were headed.

As it usually does, the conversation turned to dreaming of the south of France. But the ever-present thoughts remained. But the idea is so small! Will we have time? Can we afford it? Where do we even start?

How could we bring our dream to reality in a sustainable, professional way? After all, it wasn’t just the two of us anymore.

Then, all of a sudden, Benieke said: “I’ve got it”. The words came tumbling out and one idea birthed another. We’ll go global, we’ll build a platform! Surely more people out there feel the same way and would want this service in destinations around the world. We can be a connector!

We imagined travelers all over the world leaving their cameras behind and letting us capture candid moments for them while they took in the scenery. Real smiles and laughs caught. No more pictures ruined because of over or under exposure or a shaky hand. Families would have high quality and gorgeous pictures to remember their holiday forever. Better still, they might actually put their devices down, and connect with each other.

But we knew we couldn’t make this happen alone. We simply can’t be in more than one place at once and so we’d have to partner with local photographers all over the world. The process started to flesh out more and before long the idea for Wanderloud was born.

So there we were, two people with a big dream that had formed a big idea.

Now all we had to do was get the idea off the ground. We never thought we’d be putting together a business plan and making such huge decisions, but here we were! This was really happening!

We were so excited to introduce our passion and idea to the world so the groundwork became a new chapter we were happy to begin. Plans were made late into the night, ideas were sketched on cocktail napkins over drinks, pages were typed then deleted and written again, and eventually we had a polished business plan that we were equally passionate about and proud of.

Wanderloud was happening.

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