Edinburgh unplugged

Edinburgh unplugged

It was 2008 and we were on a plane bound for Glasgow. My now husband's best friend was getting married. Scotland is a beautiful destination to visit. Love was in the air. What a fun trip this would be! A special occasion and dear friends to boot? What could possibly go wrong? Turns out, something would, right from landing at Glasgow Airport…

Things got off to a sour start early on when I left our camera on the plane. As you can imagine, panic ensued and it looked something like this:

“Oh, that would be a great picture! Let me grab my camera.” (Gropes empty air where the precious camera should be.) Oh no! Cue frantic dash back to the airport in a taxi. See hysterical couple dashing from said taxi to airline counter. Then see extremely poker-faced attendant giving said couple a most disapproving frown as they tell the story of their life-shattering dilemma. In an emotional dash, the couple rushes around the airport until they find the one compassionate employee who finally allows them back on the now empty plane only to find that the forgotten camera was, alas, gone.

We decided nothing could be done. We weren’t in the market for a new piece of equipment just yet and smartphone cameras were a thing of the future and so that wasn’t an option, either. Looks like we’d be spending this holiday without any way to document the experience.

So, what to do but catch the train to nearby Edinburgh, aptly coined one of the world’s most gorgeous cities, on a day trip on my own, sans camera, while Ben caught up with his mates.

I fully expected to feel naked in a new place without my equipment. Or, at the least, that my heartbreak over the loss would only compound exponentially throughout the day as I missed one Kodak moment after the next.

Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case! Quite opposite actually. I spent that glorious day in Edinburgh with a new-found sense of freedom! Edinburgh begs to be discovered with its quirky, come-hither nooks and that’s just what I did. Gone was the need to capture every single moment behind the lens. Instead, I was free to take in every detail, from the Old Town’s jumble of medieval tenements, to the Royal Mile and the towering Castle Rock with my own eyes and my eyes only. The end result being one refreshed woman with a connection to a new town and, equally meaningful, a deeper connection to herself.

Edinburgh was absolutely wonderful and I’ll never forget the lesson it taught me about being in the moment. I was able to take in Scotland’s capital and learn about its rich history without constantly feeling pulled by my camera. Little did I know what would be born all thanks to a forgetful moment on a plane on the way to a wedding and adventure.

And by the way, calling fabulous Edinburgh photographers, let’s collaborate.

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