France Dreaming

France Dreaming

From that enlightening day in Edinburgh free from the pressure to document it all, a seed was planted. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to always feel this way when on holiday? Um, yes, absolutely. But, that’s a bit hippie-dippie, isn’t it? Don’t we want some photos from the amazing trips we go on?

Yes, okay… right-brain verses left-brain, you have a point. While we didn’t want to feel tied to a device or forced to view the world through a lens, we did want some way to document our travels and capture memories. Basically, we need a photo shoot that says it all. A series of images that tell our holiday story, and our heart story, beautifully but without us having to be the ones doing it. And if we wanted this, then surely other people want it too, right?

And if you’re going to start a new venture, why not do it in a new place?

Let’s do it, we said. We can do this! It had always been our rose-tinted dream to live in the south of France with its quaint, cobblestoned towns and sparkling Côte d’Azur beaches. Live in the place that’s known as the playground for the rich and famous? La vie en rose, for sure. Now we had a way!

Ben is a talented photographer, good with people, and Benieke has business skills. What more did we need? Plus, travelers adore Provence and the Côte d’Azur, right? Doesn’t everyone dream of exploring Nice’s old town, followed by a vineyard visit and a spot of shopping at a local market? A win-win situation, surely. This could be a sustainable business that we believe in with our hearts and souls and a lifestyle we dreamed of. We could just see families visiting the area and booking local photographers through our business and loving the photos from their holiday shoot. We even imagined the keepsake picture frames they’d purchase to display their favorite images back at home!

But there was a catch. Our dream was too small. It only reached those right around us and that just wasn’t enough for these dreamers! We wanted a small business, true. But at the same time, we didn’t want to be small-minded. If the sky is the limit, why put a limit on yourself or your aspirations?

We had a great idea for a venture and we knew that people would love it. We had a passion for it and were ready to get started. And now we decided we wanted to share our idea with on a much larger scale so other families and travelers could be a part of it!

And so, a monumental dream was born. We’d spend the next years mulling over our first steps and daydreaming about Provence and the beautiful experiences it offers.

We fell more and more in love with the idea and anticipated the day it would come to fruition.

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