Mexico City

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Your Mexico City story begins here

There is a cultural renaissance in Mexico City. Colonial-era splendour borders on modern chaos and it couldn't be more exciting.

Its buzzing downtown is alive with the sound of mariachi bands, the smell of tacos and quesadillas in the air. You can explore old-school cantinas, intriguing museums and shops, dramatic murals and ancient canals.

Your photographer in Mexico City

Your shoot will say it all so you can truly be there in your experience, and with each other. Our photographer in Mexico City knows the ins and outs of this cool city (as well as how to take pretty special photographs!) – and you’ll probably get some great, local tips to boot.
Whether you’re in authentic Xochimilco, the old neighbourhood of Coyoacán or in the buzzing Centro Histórico, home to Plaza Garibaldi and Mariachi bands, they’ll find the perfect angle to tell your Mexico City story.
It's like hanging out with a local friend who takes amazing photos.