Your Christchurch story begins here

Christchurch is a city in transition. It’s English village meets New Zealand countryside.

There is heritage and nature flowing through its heart, all at once. You can feel the vibrancy and resilience here as this south island hub renews itself, post-earthquakes.

Choose Your Photographer in Christchurch

Your shoot will say it all so you can truly be there in your experience, and with each other. Our photographers in Christchurch know the ins and outs of this friendly city (as well as how to take pretty special photographs!) – and you’ll probably get some great, local tips to boot. Whether you’re strolling along Worcester Boulevard near the neo-gothic Christchurch Arts Centre with its classic street-scenes, at Port Hills with their contrasting grassy-brown against the vibrant blue of the harbour, and views over Christchurch, New Brighton Beach with its iconic jetty, or Sumner Beach for a relaxed shoot, they’ll find the perfect angle to tell your Christchurch story.
It's like hanging out with a local friend who takes amazing photos.