No Selfies!

It's Like Having A Local Friend Who Takes Amazing Photos

Photos are precious memories. They should be beautiful, capturing the essence of a trip and the people on it. That's why we built a global network of photographers (who also become our friends) so you can book a destination photoshoot for just this reason.

We're a young, Australian company behind which are two, regular people who want to create something wonderful.


Who doesn't love being in the moment on holiday, storytelling, and beautiful photos?

This fused passion led Ben and Benieke Treverton to turn a light-bulb moment that made perfect sense into a globally mobile business.



  • The heart of a photograph is its story
  • Deliver an outstanding experience
  • Love how travel brings out our best
  • Be passionate and determined
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Never stop growing and learning


We believe in empowerment through entrepreneurship and following your dreams. We’re lending 5% of proceeds to start-ups created by those less fortunate than us through LendWithCare.