5 Reasons To Get In The Photo On Holiday

5 Reasons To Get In The Photo On Holiday

Who’s been on a holiday where someone gets left out of the photos? It’s happened to all of us. You were dealing with a tantrum, the camera-shy teen wouldn’t have a bar of it, dad never gets in photos. We’ve heard them all.

Here are five very good reasons to get in the picture!


#1 Beautiful pictures of your kids, in a beautiful location

Captured by Kira in Colorado

Captured by Wanderloud's Kira in Colorado

A fun, candid photoshoot on holiday can say it all.

It's the perfect opportunity to relax, put your phone down, and please, leave the selfie stick at home. No more pressure to capture it all and everybody will be in the picture for once. Imagine! You might not even pack a camera (radical, we know).

“We are always saying we want more pictures of the kids. We thought why not do it on holiday and get some pretty special ones?” explains father of two Anthony.

#2 You’ll be in the same photo as your partner

Wanderloud - Holiday Photographer in Tokyo

Captured by Wanderloud's Jim in Tokyo

You know the feeling you get on holiday? You’re living in the moment, happy and free. Everyone comes out to play. Don't let that go!

“We never get beautiful, candid photos together. So in love with this,” says Jolene who travelled to Tokyo with her husband and children.

#3 Create family memories

Book a local holiday photographer and travel unplugged

Captured by Wanderloud's Andrew in Paris

Photos can be powerful memory-makers, especially if everyone is in the picture and they tell a beautiful story.

“The shoot was the highlight of our trip. It’s such a perfect way to capture a special family holiday,” says Natalie who travelled to Paris with her husband, kids and mother-in-law.

#4 Amazing photos only possible with no-selfies!

Book a local holiday photographer and travel unplugged

Captured by Wanderloud's Alyssa in New York City

If you're a serial selfie-taker, your photos will always be from more or less the same angle depending on the length of your arm (or dreaded selfie-stick). Plus you won't see much of where you are in the resulting shots. Who would know that blur of iron and sky in the background was actually the Brooklyn Bridge?!

“[By doing it this way], I managed to get some cool, candid, professional holiday photos that I’d never have been able to take myself,” says Jess.

#5 Party like a rock-star

Book a local holiday photographer and travel unplugged

Captured by Wanderloud's Augusta in Melbourne

Our last reason is a lot of fun.

If you’re there as a group, someone will inevitably get left out of the picture. Having a destination photoshoot not only solves this problem but it adds a real sense of occasion to the trip.

“The photos turned out fantastic and everyone has a different favourite shot.  We have so many great images now of our special weekend away,” say Lisa and Jess who rocked out in Melbourne with 10 (yes, 10!) of their girlfriends.

If you'd like Wanderloud to help you get in the picture on your next holiday, we have amazing local photographers in 40+ destinations.

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